Sheryl Tracy Gamble Hoaxer Cyber Stalker Harasser “UK Troll” “Pissin Excellence” Wales, UK

Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales is BANNED in America!

Liz Keen of the South Wales Echo wrote an article detailing the disturbing story of a middle aged mother of four burglarizing her own brother and sister in law as she babysat for her brother’s children. It was a story that many in South Wales found very disturbing.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble, formerly of Barry, Wales, hatched a plan to steal money from her brother after he refinanced his home. She drew plans, stole the safe where he kept the money, and hid the unopened safe in her backyard under a dirty, soiled, discarded mattress from the residence. When police arrived on the scene, they saw Sheryl Tracy Gamble had left out in plain sight a crudely handwritten map of her brother’s home. It was clear she has an accomplice, but refuses to name him. Police in South Wales always suspected her accomplice was Kevin Gamble, husband of Sheryl Tracy Gamble.

Inside the safe, Police were able to find the 9250 pounds still safely inside. It was clear that Gamble and her accomplice were unable to open the safe and it explained why the safe was poorly hidden in Sheryl Gamble’s garden under a dirty mattress.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble pled guilty to the charge of conspiracy to burgle and was given an 12 month sentence suspended for 2 years. The judge was hesitant to remove a mother from her 4 children for a year and opted to give Sheryl Tracy Gamble the suspended sentence with supervised probation.

At the time, it was reported by Judge Judge Jonathan Durham Hall that Sheryl Tracy Gamble only made about 180 pounds a week and was on benefits. This could have led to her desperation to rob her own family members as she watched their children.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble’s defense attorney of record was Tim Evans.

It was reported that Sheryl Tracy Gamble never showed an ounce of remorse in the attempted robbery of her own family.

Since Sheryl Gamble’s crime was exposed, she has since flagged down the article written by Liz Keen of the South Wales Echo. That article was kept and can be seen here:

Sheryl Gamble later went on to accumulate many other charges such as harassment and possession of marijuana. Marijuana is illegal in Wales and the UK. She is often seen showing off her illegally obtained Marijuana she says she purchases from local gangs in Wales. Here’s a picture from Sheryl Tracy Gamble’s Facebook showing her weighing her latest score from local drug dealers. She would use illegal substances in front of her youngest daughter who is still a minor.

Here Sheryl Tracy Gamble describes how she chose her drug use and irresponsible lifestyle over her role as a mother and parent. She describes being unable to travel to the United States to watch her daughter compete in a gymnastics competition because of her convictions for drugs and for her burglary conviction involving the safe.

Since being barred from traveling to the United States, Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales has been stalking and attacking numerous Americans online as well as their children. She has also sought out many love affairs and relationships with Americans in hopes of obtaining American citizenship someday.

It’s clear Shery Tracy Gamble is not only a horrible person that has no remorse or accountability, but she’s also an drug offender living a high risk lifestyle.

The Catfish of YouTube

Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales showed up on YouTube in 2010 pretending to be her own then 15 year old daughter, Paige.  She was living vicariously through her own beautiful, naive and young daughter.  Perhaps Sheryl Tracy Gamble was envious of her own daughter’s beauty and purposely sought out this sick game to punish the daughter she silently competes with.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble showed up on YouTube as “Paige” with her boyfriend “Peter” also known as Peter Dugo, then age 19, of Florida.  They boasted how they both came from and identified themselves as self-proclaimed sociopaths.

Interesting Fact: During the time Sheryl Tracy Gamble was catfishing as her then 15 year old daughter and having an inappropriate relationship with the then 19 year old, Peter Dugo, she was in actuality married to Kevin Gamble in Wales and a mother of 4 daughters. 

It was during this time that Sheryl Tracy Gamble developed a crush on the user known as TheBubbaEffect.  She would later brag she was able to obtain an image of TheBubbaeffect’s genitals and would later post these images in videos on YouTube.

Sheryl Gamble sent around pictures of her daughter to many men and flirted with them. She presented herself as Paige, an 18 year old woman from Wales.  

It was during this time, Sheryl Tracy Gamble’s online boyfriend, Peter Dugo, began to fixate on another YouTuber by the name of “AnnielWhite.”  YouTube vlogger, Annie White, did political commentary vlogs and response videos.  It was during one of her videos that Sheryl Tracy Gamble’s then boyfriend, Peter Dugo, commented to Annie White that she had “nice tits.” This comment infuriated Sheryl Tracy Gamble so badly that she went into a jealous rage and would spend over a decade stalking Annie White. She would years later justify it by stating Annie L. White stalked her family.

Peter Dugo, eager to calm his lady love “Paige” aka Sheryl Tracy Gamble down, began stalking Annie L. White and posting up images of her children. It was then, a user named “Krotchvomit” aka “Meat Candy” aka Molly Ann Hawes DeHart of Alaska stepped in to aide Annie L White.

Molly Ann Hawes DeHart successfully doxed Peter Dugo of Florida and forced him to make a teary-eyed public apology to both “Nutnfancy” and to “AnnielWhite.”  He apologized for taking her children’s photos and stalking her kids with “Paige” aka Sheryl Tracy Gamble.

Soon after Peter was doxed by “Krotchvomit” aka Molly Ann Hawes DeHart of Alaska, so was Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales. It was then she was exposed as old woman hiding behind her own daughter’s beauty to catfish and harass user’s online.

Here’s a video where Molly Ann Hawes DeHart of Alaska discusses her doxing of Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble would deny catfishing as her daughter and created the infamous burn victim storyline. She claimed the reason she sounded so old and not like the beautiful 18 year old girl she was posing as was because she had been in a fire and her vocal chords has become singed.

Se would later have a friend pose as the sister of the fake burn victim and accuse Annie White, Krotchvomit aka Molly Hawes DeHart, and TheBubbaEffect reportedly Jason McCoy of bullying.

Here’s that clip. She claims this woman is her friend, the fictional “Emily Morgan” and the person she once blamed her Tricky Trev and Trickier Tricky Trev accounts on.

After this colossal embarrassment, Peter Dugo of Florida, left YouTube. He was humiliated that he had obviously been catfished by Sheryl Tracy Gamble. Peter Dugo would later become a convicted cyberstalker in Florida in an unrelated case to this.

Meanwhile, Sheryl Tracy Gamble, went on Montagraph’s BlogTv and flashed her tits at him and claimed she was “Paige’s Aunt” and denied being Sheryl Tracy Gamble.

Video by Teslacoils aka Dean Roger Ray of Canada. This is a man Sheryl Tracy Gamble tried to recruit in beheading Montagraph and Annie L White.

Eventually Tracy made the horrible mistake of using filters on her video and they were easily reversed. It was then she could no longer deny that she was indeed Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales.

Over the years, Sheryl Tracy Gamble has told very conflicting stories about her arrival to YouTube. For instance when she went to the leatherneck forums and attempted to slander a US Marine.  She was shamed off the forum when she got caught up in so many lies and the users called her out for it.  More on this at a later time..

Sheryl Tracy Gamble Of Wales Is A Prolific Child Predator

Sheryl Tracy Gamble of Wales has notoriously stalks people’s children online.

Sheryl Tracy Gamble bullies young children in hopes of inciting suicide amongst her youngest targets. She’s attacked children as young as 6 years old.

“I’ll admit I have fucked with people’s children here on YouTube, they were warning shots” -Sheryl Tracy Gamble

“I’d rather sit with a gang of pedophiles than with a gang of liars because at least with a pedophile you keep your kids out of the way. What can I do with a liar?”-Sheryl Tracy Gamble

Listen to Sheryl Tracy Gamble in her own voice admit she attacks children and prefers the company of pedophiles. Sheryl Tracy Gamble has defended notorious sex offender “DavidsFarm” aka David Rock.  She attacked users online that brought attention to the crimes of David Rock and cyberbullied them. She even targeted one man’s disabled 12 year old sister with a pacemaker for exposing David Rock.  Her justification was she felt pedophiles had rights and were better than liars.


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